Listening Section
Preparing to take TOEFL iBT? Check out the peculiarities of the Listening Section, what questions it involves, what topics it deals with and how to prepare best for this part of the TOEFL iBT.
Listening Section

Topic for Listening
TOEFL Listening section offers a number of conversations and lectures that deal with certain academic topics. toefl_listening_sectionThe latter can include various subjects, but usually can be classified into major areas of concentration:

arts: architecture, design, music, drama, film, literature, photography, crafts, fashion, etc.
life sciences: biology, botany, zoology, physiology, biochemistry, immunology, animal nutrition, etc.
physical sciences: physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, environment, technology, pollution, computer science, etc.
social science: economics, history, political science, psychology, anthropology, sociology, communication, education, business and the like.

TOEFL iBT Listening Strategies
In order to successfully complete TOEFL iBT Listening tasks, you have to practice a lot both listening and vocabulary skills. Thus, listening to English language tapes, recordings, radio, TV programs, conversations and songs should become an inseparable part of your daily activity.

Besides, vocabulary needs to be expanded, so that you could recognize most of the words in the listening task. Vocabulary could be improved with the help of special books, which are designed to provide students with essential TOEFL word stock. However, you could as well devise personal vocabulary improvement strategy. Thus, reading academic articles or scientific magazines, and translating unknown words, writing them on flashcards and revising them throughout the day, will surely work for you and help you expand your vocabulary.

You can always buy CDs and DVDs with special recordings designed specifically for the TOEFL test preparation. Although, this will be more financially consuming, this will ensure you are exposed to the correct vocabulary layer and will provide you with the necessary essential foundation. The key factor in your successful completion of the TOEFL iBT Listening task is your careful and rigorous preparation and your being calm and attentive during the test itself.

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