In-Class TOEFL iBT Training
Consider the opportunities to train for the TOEFL and learn how to make a right decision about the training centre.
In-Class TOEFL iBT Training

in-classCentres that prepare you for the TOEFL are situated all over the world, almost in every major city. The centres are usually
• either Test Preparation Centres
• or ESL Schools.

When choosing what centre suits you the most, you may ask a friend for recommendations, look through newspaper advertisements or take the school which is has the most convenient location. However, it is advisable to attend a free class (if one is available) to figure out:
• teacher-student ratio;
• methods and techniques of teaching;
• study material and equipment that is available at school;
• personal opinion about the instructor.

All these factors will surely help you make a firm decision whether you will profit from the training taken at a given centre. Take into consideration, that TOEFL is an important exam that may influence your whole future life. That is why you may try going to different schools before settling down; leave enough time no to be in a hurry.

TOEFL iBT at Test Preparation Centres

The Test Preparation Centres focus on your getting the highest score at the exam, which may appear your obvious reason for taking the course. However, to get the most of the course, be sure to check beforehand:
- Whether the school is international or local;
- Whether the school has many successful graduates;
- What materials and software is used at the classes;
- Is there any guarantee about the success of your exam, etc.

Another variant of training such centres often provide if intensive short workshops and seminars held on weekends or in the evenings. You may take a good advantage of them as well.

TOEFL iBT at ESL Schools

The level of the TOEFL preparatory courses at ESL (English as a Second Language) schools may be better of worse than that in the Test Preparation Centres. Everything depends on the instructors, materials and methods that are used during classes, as well as the level of students themselves. So here also appears a necessity to check everything beforehand before taking up a course.

The advantages the ESL schools may offer are
- full/part-time preparatory courses;
- different levels of TOEFL classes;
- separate classes for developing different skills: speaking, writing, listening, reading;
- various additional programs that may help you develop secondary skills like grammar, pronunciation or vocabulary.

The disadvantage of the ESL schools is that the teachers are not necessarily exam preparation specialists. Although any good EFL teacher can help you improve your knowledge of language, specialists in exams will give you specific recommendations how to achieve a perfect result in your TOEFL. So, consider all the factors mentioned above and make your well-though and right decision.