TOEFL iBT Advanced Grammar Skills
Get to know the differences between American English and British English grammar as well as grammar essential for successful TOEFL score.

indexPossessing advanced grammar skills in any language usually means that your language competency is also advanced. That is why it is understandable one must want to have advanced grammar competency to successfully pass TOEFL. Excellent grammar skills are important for effective reading and writing of the passages, listening and understanding of the oral speech as well as good completion of the speaking task.

However, TOEFL covers American English Grammar, which is a little bit different from the British English grammar.

What are the differences between American English and British English grammar? These differences can be found in all aspects of the language study: grammar, spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary. While one can use British English in writing and speaking if he/she chooses (on conditions that he/she will be consistent in the usage of the language), grammar assignments will require knowledge of the American English variant of the English language.

Read the articles below to learn main differences in the American and British English grammar.

BrE vs. AmE Spelling
Read about some of the differences between the spelling systems of the British English and American English languages, so that you are consistent in your spelling throughout the writing task of the TOEFL.
Grammar Skills Overview
Check out the grammar skills level and requirements in the iBT TOEFL. Get to know the range of grammar items one need to study for a successful TOEFL score.
Miscellaneous Grammatical Differences
Learn the differences in noun-verb agreement, verb auxiliaries and complementation in American and British variants of the English language.
Prepositions and Adverbs
Look through the main dissimilarities in the usage of prepositions and adverbs in British English and American English.
Selected Vocabulary Differences
Look through the vocabulary, which is differently used in the American and British variants of the English language.
Use of Tenses
The article touches upon the main tense usage differences between British and American variants of the English language.
Verb Morphology
Check out main differences between American and British English ways of making the past participle forms of some irregular verbs.