Common Spelling Mistakes in TOEFL iBT Essays
Get to know some common spelling mistakes, which you should avoid when writing a TOEFL iBT. Be sure to follow the advice.
Common Spelling Mistakes in TOEFL iBT Essays
common-spelling-mistakesYou will become able to improve your TOEFL iBT writing score, when you get to know about these common spelling mistakes and if you manage to avoid any of them.
It is considered to be quite a wide – known fact that spelling is an extremely hard work in English. Therefore, there is good news as well – it is that you should not get worried too much about it, because everyone, including native speakers of English, has problems with spelling and makes spelling mistakes from time to time.

From the point of view of theory, your TOEFL essay is expected to be simply perfect and, of course, it is to be free of any possible misspelling. As for the reality, it is clear that we all are living beings and we all can make different kinds of mistakes. Therefore, when a person is getting ready for his / her TOEFL iBT, it is much advisable to spend as much of his / her time as possible improving the reading, writing, speaking skills, as well as grammar.
It should also be pointed out that there is a list of words, which should never be misspelled on the TOEFL essay, because in case if any of them is spelled incorrectly, this is considered to be a signal to the assessor that the applicant does not know English well enough.

Here is the list of some of these words:
You should remember about the spelling rules of this word just as well as you do about the money in your bank account. Never write it with only one “c”: “account”.
You should believe that lots of students make mistakes when spelling this word. They can write it either “belive” or “beleive”.
Everybody is to keep in mind that the word “every” can not be written like “evry”.
Nobody would look intelligent enough, in case if he / she write this word like “inteligent”. It is always necessary to remember about double “l” in it.
No doubt that it can be extremely difficult to learn something new. And there are cases when the learning process can take twice or even more as long as people expect. And it is also necessary to remember about not writing this word like “proces”, because it requires double “s” at the end of it.
If a student is really intelligent, he / she will always keep in mind that the word “really”, just as well as the abovementioned word “intelligent” are to be spelled with double “l” in the middle of them. And it is not acceptable to write this word as “realy”.
Any really responsible student will always keep in mind never to write “responsable”. In case if you wish to pass your TOEFL successfully, you should really be responsible and write this word with “i” instead of “a”.
You should never boast that you are rather good at “speling”. One of the signs of a good speller is this word, being written with double “l”.
Try not to write “ther”, as well as not to confuse this word with the word “there”. You should keep in mind that this is truly considered to be one of the most widespread mistakes.
It is greatly advisable and even necessary to keep reminding yourself that this word is not to be written like “your-self”. Remember also about such pronouns as “myself”, “herself”, “himself”, and so on.
No matter where you are, this word is not to be written like “whereever”.