Cancel, Reinstate, Rescore
Sometimes students want to cancel or reinstate their scores at TOEFL iBT, sometimes they want to get their test rescored. This article describes the terms for your request is satisfied.
Cancel, Reinstate, Rescore

Cancel Your Scores
If you want to cancel your scores, you can do it after you've finished your test.
cancelHow? You have to complete the score cancellation section of your answer sheet, or contact TOEFL Services immediately after the test.

Important points of score cancellation:
• Cancalletion of your scores spreads over all sections. You cannot cancel your scores for one section and have scores for other sections reported.
• After cancellation your scores can not be reported to you or any institutions.
• You will not get TOEFL test fee back.
• Canceled scores are not added to your permanent record.
• There is no fee for canceling your scores.

Reinstate Your Scores
It is possible to reinstate the canceled scores if your request is received at ETS no later than 10 days after your test date.
How? You have to contact TOEFL Services. The fee for reinstatement is US$20.
Reinstate request must include:
  - name
  - date of birth
  - daytime phone number
  - registration number (found in
your registration confirmation)
You can receive your reinstated scores about 3 weeks after your request is received. You will get your score report online and then mailed to your designated institutions.

Rescore Your Test
You can have the Writing and Speaking sections of your test rescored — up to 3 months after you take the test.

Important points of score rescoration:

• The test can be rescored only once.
• If you want both sections rescored, they must be done at the same time.
• Each section costs US$60. Both sections cost US$120.
How? You have to complete the TOEFL iBT Rescoring Request Form. Your new scores will be mailed to you about 3 weeks after your request for a rescore is received. Then it will be sent to your designated institutions.