Usage of Test Scores
Get to know where the scores of your TOEFL test can be applied and what educational, private and governmental agencies and institutions recognize TOEFL scores.
Usage of Test Scores

TOEFL® test is one of the most popular English language proficiency tests. It is used widely throughout the world to check the competence of students, employees, and government organizations in the English language.

TOEFL® test scores are usually used as one of the following:

usage-test-scores1. As one of the admission criteria in university where the language of instruction is English. This applies usually to non-native speakers of English to secure a comfortable language environment for them.
2. As a basis for student’s placement to an appropriate language course. Depending on the language skills students can be placed either to an elementary, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced course levels.
3. As an indicator of a specific language skills. The scores of the TOEFL® iBT test show the results for separate sections, so that students can see what parts of the tests were more difficult for them to do correctly. This leads to the emphasis on the specific skills, especially when the latter are needed for a chosen program, academic discipline, etc.

More than 5,000 colleges, universities and other institutions in more than 110 countries require the TOEFL® test results for admission.

The people and officials who usually use the test scores include, but are not limited to:
• Admissions officers, school principals, deans, and the like
• Directors of scholarship agencies
• Directors of licensing and certification agencies
• Administrators of government agencies

If a non-native English student seeks admission in any college, university or institute in a English speaking country, the TOEFL® test scores are a necessary addition to the application form and the resume.

One thing the student should keep in mind is that the language proficiency requirements change quickly. Because of this the results of the TOEFL® test are valid for only two years from the test date. After that the test has to be taken again for the scores to be officially recognized.