Test Scores
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Test Scores

 What is the score scale for the computer-based test?
Section Score Scale
Listening 0-30
Structure/Writing 0-30
Reading 0-30
Total 0-300
Essay (on a separate scale) 0-6

 How is the essay rated, and how is it combined with the Structure score?
Each essay is rated by two independent raters. Approximately, your essay rating counts for half of the Structure/Writing scaled score. See, for more information, the writing scoring guide and an explanation of the Structure Writing score.

 When will I get my score reports, and how many do I get for free?

 If you compose your response to the essay on the computer, your score report will be mailed about two weeks after you complete the test.

 If you handwrite your response, your scores will be mailed about five weeks after the test.
Note: Under no circumstances can score reports be mailed any earlier. Allow 7-10 days for deliveries within the continental U.S. and additional time for deliveries to other areas.

The test fee entitles you to one printed examinee's score record and up to four official score reports sent from ETS to the institutions of your choice. This is very important to know the name and location of each institution so you can choose them accurately.

 How long will my score be valid?
For two years after the test date. Scores more than two years old are not reported.

 Will I see my scores on screen at the end of the test? What should I do if I want to cancel my scores?

You can view your unofficial score at the test center after you complete your test. You will only see a possible score range for the Structure/Writing total score, because your essay will not yet have been read and scored.

You can cancel your score at the test center after you take the test, or you can receive a score without sending them to an institution.