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Here you may familiarize yourself with the frequently asked questions about the Computer-based test. Find useful advice for TOEFL applicants.
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 What is an adaptive test? Which sections of the TOEFL CBT are adaptive?

- A computer-adaptive test (CAT) is bespoken to the individual examinee. Each examinee receives a set of questions that meet the test design and are generally appropriate for his or her performance level.
- The computer scores each question before selecting the next one. Consequently, only one test question is presented at a time.
- Examinees must answer each question as it is presented, and cannot skip questions.

 Is scratch paper provided during the test?

• For the essay - The test center administrator provides scratch paper following the break so you can organize your essay.

 If you decide to handwrite your essay, the test center will provide writing materials. Consider, you must return all scratch paper to the test center administrator at the end of the test.

• For Listening and Structure - Scratch paper and note-taking are not permitted during the Listening and Structure sections.

 Will I be able to control the volume during the Listening section?
Yes, you will have headphones and will be able to control the volume.

 If I am running out of time, should I guess or leave some answers blank?

 Make every effort to complete each section; Data indicate that most candidates get higher scores if they finish the test.

• There is a chance that random guessing at the end of a section can seriously lower scores. Consider, the best strategy is to pace oneself suchwise you have enough time to consider each question without guessing.

 What is it like at the test center?
- You will take the test in individual testing stations similar to partitioned study areas that might be found in a library.
- Each station has a computer, headphone set for listening to the audio material, and desk space for writing.

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