Test Center Regulations
Find out some general etiquettes required to be followed while giving the prestigious TOEFL exam at the TOEFL Center.
Test Center Regulations
You should report to the test center at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled arrival time for check-in procedures. If you arrive late, you may not be admitted and your fee will not be given back. Bring your official photo bearing identification as it will be checked earlier than you are admitted.

You must give suitable and acceptable identification documents. They usually comprise: thumb printing, photographing or videotaping, other forms of electronic ID confirmation. You will not be allowed to test and you will forfeit your test fee if you refuse to participate.

General Guidelines
Dress so that you can adapt to any room temperature. Friends or relatives who go with you to the test center are not allowed to wait in the test center or contact you at the same time as you take the test. Visitors are not allowed to stay in the testing room white testing is in progress, apart from for ETS-authorized observers.

Personal Things
Personal items other than ID are not permitted in the testing room. Previous to the test, you will be assigned a locker or get instructions from test center staff concerning where you must place personal items. You will not have access to your private items throughout the test or break. Cell phones are not permitted in the test room as well. In addition test centers assume no responsibility for candidates’ personal things.

The test administrator or supervisor will assign you a seat. Your picture will be taken and will be reproduced at your testing station. Be sure the right photograph is displayed on your assigned testing station.

Delayed Tests
If your test session is canceled or if it is later determined that your scores could not be reported, you can retest free of charge get a full repayment of the original test fee look for compensation from ETS for sensible and documented expenses connected with traveling to the test center. You should contact TOEFL Services within 30 days of your original test date to request repayment. Reimbursement requests must comprise your name, date of birth mailing address daytime telephone number e-mail address original test date CBT appointment number a short description of what happened at the test center.