Computer-Based Test
Familiarize yourself with the advantages of Computer-based TOEFL test. Learn about lot's of the same question types as the traditional paper-based test with new question types that can be offered only on the computer.

Computer-Based Test
In 1998 TOEFL began switching from a paper-based test to a computer-based test (CBT)in many parts of the world. It combines many of the same question types as the traditional paper-based test with new question types that can be offered only on the computer.

The computer-based TOEFL test (TOEFL CBT) measures English language proficiency in the following areas: Listening, Structure, Reading, and Writing. While the Structure section on the TOEFL CBT features the same types of questions as the paper-based version, the Listening and Reading sections use some new and innovative types of questions as well as the traditional multiple-choice questions.

The test design for both paper and computer assures that all test takers will be tested on similar skills (e.g. comprehension of main idea, understanding of inferences) and subject matter (a variety of topics for lectures and passages).
The scores of all test takers, at all ability levels, are based on the same number of questions. Pretest questions, used for research purposes, may be included in the test, but your answers to these questions are not scored.
CBT Score Reports
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CBT: Frequently Asked Questions
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Computer-Based TOEFL Test
Get general info about the Computer-based TOEFL test. Discover TOEFL CBT sections, measuring language proficiency in listening, structure, reading and writing.
Test Center Regulations
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Test Registration
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Test Scores
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TOEFL CBT and Computer-Adaptive Sections
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TOEFL CBT Test Centers
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TOEFL Computer-Based Listening
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TOEFL Writing Scoring
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Usage of Test Scores
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